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This is based on public lists of manual and ROM numbers...thanks to for more data. Where there are question marks it means two or more sources disagree, and I haven't taken the time to pull out my files to confirm - so if someone wants to get back to me on those it would be appreciated...not enough time to do everything! 
John ;-#)#

Last updated: (pinball ROM numbers added!)


Manual Game Name Cabinet & Wiring Harness Part Numbers ROMs
Super Pong  
TM-001 Mazer Blazer  
TM-004 Gran Trak 20  
TM-008 Qwak  
TM-010 Tank  
TM-011 Gran Trak 10  
TM-019 Pursuit  
TM-020 Formula K  
TM-021 Twin Racer  
TM-025 Anti-Aircraft  
TM-027 Jet Fighter  
TM-028 Highway  
TM-035 Goal 4  
TM-036 Tank  
TM-040 Outlaw  
TM-043 Video Game Operators Handbook
TM-046 Steeplechase  
TM-048 Crash 'n' Score  
TM-049 Tank II   90-2006
TM-053 G.E. color monitor #25MB (Indy 800 and Indy 4)
TM-057 Stunt Cycle  
TM-058 Breakout  
TM-060 Quiz Show   005461-005466
TM-061 Drag Race   8505 8513-8521
TM-075 Flyball   6143-6145, 6129-6142
TM-077 Le Mans   5836-5839
TM-078 Sprint II   6290,6291, 6396-6399, 6401, 6404, 6405
TM-080 Night Driver   6559-6570
TM-083 Pool Shark   007317-007324,7,329,007,330
TM-085 Starship One   7513-7519,7528-7531
TM-086 The Atarians (pin)   6990-02, to 6997-02
TM-088 F-1  
TM-089 Dominos   7340,7346,7351,743,964,006,401?
TM-091 Triple Hunt (There are three gun games for this   008422,008423,
system: Witch Hunt, Raccoon Hunt   008401-008408,
and Shoot the Bear)   8,790,008,791
TM-095 Sprint I   006290,006388-006395,006434-6441
TM-097 Canyon Bomber   009493-009504
TM-098 Super Bug   009115-009123, 009462-009467
TM-099 Time 2000 (pin)   020046-020053
TM-102 Airborne Avenger (pin)   20288-00, 20287-0
TM-106 Destroyer   30131-30136
TM-107 Ultra Tank   030178-030183
TM-108 Middle Earth (pin)   020608-01, 020609-01
TM-110 Superman (pin)   021016-01, 021017-01, 021018-01 or PROMS: 021010-01, 021011-01, 021012-01, 021013-01, 021014-01, 021015-01
TM-111 Sky Raider   030587-030593, 030600-030605
TM-113 Tournament Table   03751-03759
TM-115 Fire Truck   032815-032826
TM-116 Smokey Joe   032814-032826
TM-117 Sky Diver   033163-033185
TM-118 Super Breakout   033442-033455
TM-119 Space Rider (pin)   020965, 020966 or 020965-01, 020966-01
TM-125 Wells-Gardner monochrome 23" monitor 92-040
TM-126 Football main - a033323 033xxx
TM-127 Orbit   033689-033702
TM-128 Hercules (pin) 021016-01, 021637-01, 021018-02 or PROMS: 021010-01, 021631-01, 021012-02, 021013-02, 021634-01, 021015-01
TM-129  THE BOOK - A Guide to Electronic Game Operation and Servicing
TM-130 Video Pinball   9402,34257-34259, 34711-34249 or 34260-34267 or 34253-34256
TM-132 Subs   034190-034208
TM-135 Baseball   34006,34008-34010, 34711-34726 or 34727-34734 or 34735-34738
TM-136, DP136 Lunar Lander   0345xx
TM-137 Basketball   034756-034766
TM-139 4-Player Football   034877-034892
Asteroids main - a035157-02, control - a035159-02 035127,035143-35145
Soccer   035222-035260
TM-146 Quadrascan monochrome 19" X-Y monitor 92-042  
TM-147, DP-147 Missile Command Upright main #A035802-01
control #A035803-01
TM-148 19" color monitor, Electrohome G07-901  
TM-149, DP-149 Monte Carlo   035763-035780
TM-151 Quadrascan monochrome 19" X-Y monitor A036150-01  
19" Electrohome monochrome X-Y monitor 92-047
Quadrascan monochrome 15" X-Y monitor 92-045
TM-152 Missile Command Cocktail   035820-035825
TM-153 14" Matsushita color display A036083-01  
TM-156, DP-156 Battlezone Upright main - a036244 0364xx
TM-157 14" Sanyo color display A036084-01  
TM-158, DP-158 Missile Command Cabaret main #A036295-01
control #A036297-01
TM-160 19" Electrohome display 92-049
TM-164 19" Wells-Gardner monochrome X-Y monitor 92-050
TM-165, DP-165 Asteroids Deluxe op, maint and serv manual main - a036689, control - a036690 0351xx
TM-166, DP-166 Battlezone Cabaret   0364xx
TM-168 19" Wells-Gardner color raster monitor, 92-051  
TM-169, DP-169 Red Baron main - a036243 036995-037007
TM-174, DP-174 Asteroids Deluxe cocktail main - a036845, control - a036848  
TM-175 Warlords   037153-037159
TM-179, CO179 CAT Box User's Guide (and Cheat Sheet)  
Tunnel Hunt (licensed to Centuri)  
TM-181, SP-181 Space Duel (upright) main #A037938-01 
power #A037940-01 
control #A037942-01 
Space Duel (cocktail) main #A038028-01 
power #A038030-01 
control #A038032-01 
TM-182 Centipede (upright) main #A037433-01
power #A037456-01
control #A037435-01
Centipede (cabaret) main #A037621-01
power #A037623-01
control #A037435-01
DP-182-01 Drawing package supplement to Centipede
TM-183 19" Wells-Gardner color X-Y monitor 92-053
CO-183 19" Wells-Gardner color X-Y monitor A038590-01
TM-187 14" Electrohome display 92-056  
TM-188, DP-188 Centipede Cocktail  
TM-190, SP-190 Tempest  
TM-192 Signature analysis guide to Centipede versions -002 and -003
TM-193, DP-193 Tempest Cocktail  
TM-194 Ampliphone 19" Color X-Y display A200000-01  
TM-195 Tempest Troubleshooting Guide  
TM-196 Tempest Cabaret main #A038015-01
power #A038017-01
control #A038018-01
TM-199 Atari 19" Color raster display A039650-01
TM-201 19" Wells-Gardner display 92-055
TM-202, SP-202 Dig Dug (Namco two board version)   136007
TM-203, SP-203 Dig Dug (Atari single board version)   136007
TM-208 Fast Freddie main - a038718, power - a038453, control - a038455, coin - a038004 136009
TM-204, SP-204 Kangaroo Cabinet 367XX, main - a038452, power - a038453, coin - a038004 136008
TM-206, SP-206 Gravitar main #A038586-01
power #A038588-01
control #A038589-01
TM-209 Liberator main - a038727, power - a038729 136012
SP-209   ireland built cabinet - main - a038852, power - a038854  
TM-210 19" Disco/ADI display 139003-1006  
TM-217, SP-217 Millipede main #A039259-01
power #A039260-01
control #A039261-01
TM-218, SP-218 Pole Position (Atari PCBs) main - a039459, power - a039460,
cockpit - main - a039465, a039246
TM-218, SP-219? Pole Position (Namco PCBs) main - a039499
CO-218-0 Pole Position II  
TM-220 19" Matsushita display part #139003-1004
TM-221, SP-221 Quantum main #A039551-01
power #A038588-01
control #A039552-01
TM-225, SP-225 Star Wars   136021
CO-225-07 Supplement to Star Wars
TM-226 The Empire Strikes Back   136031
TM-227, SP-227 Return of the Jedi   136030
TM-229, SP-229 Food Fight main #A039909-01
power #A039910-01
control #A039911-01
TM-230, SP-230 Xevious   136018
TM-232 Gravitar to Black Widow conversion  
TM-234, SP-234 Black Widow main #A038586-01
power #A038588-01
control #A039989-01
TM-237, SP-237 Arabian main #A040286-01
power #A040287-01
control #A038455-01
TM-239 Atari 19" Color X-Y display A200009-01,-02
TM-239 Atari 25" Color X-Y display A200011-01
TM-241, SP-241 Crystal Castles main #A040695-01
power #A040696-01
control #A040581-01
TM-242 Cloak & Dagger main - a041402 136023
TM-245 Star Wars (cockpit)  
TM-248 Star Tech Journal subscription card
TM-251, SP-251 I, Robot   136029
TM-252, SP-252, TG-252 The Adventures of Major Havoc main #A041336-01
fan #A041341-01
power #A041337-01
control #A041338-01
TM-253 Firefox   136026
TM-255 Pole Position II Enhancement Instructions
TM-257 Cloak & Dagger conversion for Defender
TM-259 Ampliphone 19 and 25 Inch Color X-Y display
TM-261 Switching Power Supply #A038074-07 and -17 Service Manual (I, Robot)
TM-262 TX-1   136027
TM-267 The Adventures of Major Havoc: Tempest conversion AC #A034629-01
fan #A042448-01
TM-268 The Adv. of Major Havoc: SD/BW/Grav. Conversion control #A042574-01  
TM-274 19" Hantarex display 139016-1007
TM-275 Paperboy   136034
TM-276, SP-276, CO-276 Marble Madness power - a043041 136033
TM-277, SP-277 Atari System 1 main main - a043032, control - a043034, audio - a043033, coin - a043035, display - a043036 136032
TM-280, SP-280 Peter Packrat   136028
TM-282 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom   136036
TM-283 19" Wells-Gardner display 139017-001
TM-284, SP-284, CO-284 Gauntlet main - a043379, power - a043368, coin - a043370, audio - a043369 136037
TM-285, SP-285 Road Runner   136040
TM-286?, SP286? Atari System 1?  
TM-290, SP-290, CO-290 Super Sprint   136042
? Gauntlet II   136043
TM-292, SP-292 Championship Sprint   136045
TM-294 720'   136047
TM-296 Service Manual for Wells Gardner 19" 52% Video Display Model 19K7901
TM-298, SP-298 Roadblasters   136048
TM-300 Rolling Thunder   136049
TM-302 Atari Operator Price List, 1st printing, June 1987  
TM-303 Dunk Shot (SEGA/Atari?)  
TM-304 Sharp 19" Color Raster Display
TM-308, SP-308 A.P.B.   136051
TM-313, SP-313 Xybots   136054
Dragon Spirit   136055
TM-315, SP315 Pacmania  
Stand-Alone audio PCB (as used in Toobin')   136056
TM-316 Blasteroids   136057
TM-317 Vindicators   136059
TM-318 Pot Shot  
TM-319 Galaga '88   136058
TM-320 Toobin'   136061
TM-321 Wells Gardner 19" Med Resolution Display
TM-322 Final Lap Sitdown   136063
TM-324 Assault main - a046126 136065
TM-325 Final Lap main - a043231, power - a043232 136063
TM-326 Cyberball   136064
TM-327 Hard Drivin'  
TM-329 Hard Drivin' Compact  
TM-328 Tetris (kit?)   136066
TM-334 Cyberball 2027
TM-336 Escape From the Planet of the Robot Monsters   136069
TM-337 Tournament Cyberball 2072   136073
TM-338 S.T.U.N.
TM-339 Cyberball 2072 Universal kit
TM-342 Skull & Crossbones Universal Kit
TM-344 Badlands Universal Kit
TM-348 KLAX (Universal Kit ?)   136075
TM-349 ThunderJaws (Universal Kit?)   136076
? Four Trax  
? Gumball Rally  
TM-354 Hydra (Universal Kit?)   136079
TM-356 Race Drivin' Kit
TM-357 Pit Fighter   136081
TM-359 Rampart (Two Player Kit)   136082
TM-364 Batman (kit?)   136085
TM-366 Rampart (Three Player Dedicated)   136082
TM-368 Race Drivin'  
TM-369 Road Riot 4WD   136089
TM-370 Steel Talons  
TM-372 Off The Wall (Universal Kit?)   136090
TM-373 Road Riot  
TM-376 Relief Pitcher Kit   136093
TM-377 Guardians of the 'Hood Kit   136092
TM-379 Moto Frenzy  
TM-380 Space Lords   136095
TM-391 World Rally  
TM-394 T-MEK   136100
TM-395 Primal Rage   136102
Hoop It Up  
TM-405 Area 51(Universal Kit?)   136105
Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey  
Crystal Castles  
main - a042367 (Arabian, Food Fight, Dig Dug, Kangaroo conversion)  

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