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Intergrated circuits

These are the 'chips' that are used in games: Eproms, RAM, CPUs, 74xx (TTL), 45xx(CMOS) etc. Many are new old stock (NOS) and others are pulls (used). If used we can usually test them and will advise if they are tested prior to shipping.

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       Manufacturer    Model    Product Name    Price    Buy Now 
   1408 DAC - Data to Analogue Converter   Semiconductors   MC1408   1408 DAC - Data to Analogue Converter   $39.95USD  More info Buy Now
   1458 - Dual Op-Amp   Semiconductors   MC1458   1458 - Dual Op-Amp   $1.95USD  More info Buy Now
   7202-TTL NOR gates   Semiconductors   7402   7202-TTL NOR gates   $2.95USD  More info Buy Now
   7400-TTL NAND gates   Semiconductors   7400   7400-TTL NAND gates   $2.95USD  More info Buy Now
   7404-TTL INVERTER gates   Semiconductors   7404   7404-TTL INVERTER gates   $2.95USD  More info Buy Now
   7408-TTL AND gates   Semiconductors   7408   7408-TTL AND gates   $3.95USD  More info Buy Now
   74145 Motorola   Semiconductors   74145   74145 Motorola   $4.50USD  More info Buy Now
   7417-TTL Hex Drivers, Non-Inverting   Semiconductors   7417   7417-TTL Hex Drivers, Non-Inverting   $1.95USD  More info Buy Now
   7432-TTL OR gates   Semiconductors   7432   7432-TTL OR gates   $3.95USD  More info Buy Now
   7474-TTL FLIP-FLOP   Semiconductors   7474   7474-TTL FLIP-FLOP   $2.95USD  More info Buy Now
   74HC123   Semiconductors   74HC123   74HC123   $1.50USD  More info Buy Now
   74LS74   Semiconductors   74LS74   74LS74   $1.50USD  More info Buy Now
 9301 - 1 of 10 Decoder   Semiconductors   9301   9301 - 1 of 10 Decoder   $3.95USD  More info 
   9312 – 8 Input Multiplexer   Semiconductors   9312   9312 – 8 Input Multiplexer   $5.95USD  More info Buy Now
   9314 4 Bit Latch   Semiconductors   9314   9314 4 Bit Latch   $9.95USD  More info Buy Now
   9316 – 4 Bit Binary Counter   Semiconductors   9316   9316 – 4 Bit Binary Counter   $5.95USD  More info Buy Now
   9324 – 5 Bit Comparator   Semiconductors   9324   9324 – 5 Bit Comparator   $14.95USD  More info Buy Now
   9602 – Dual One Shot Multivbrator   Semiconductors   9602   9602 – Dual One Shot Multivbrator   $9.95USD  More info Buy Now
   CA3081 Transistor Driver Array   Semiconductors   CA3081   CA3081 Transistor Driver Array   $5.95USD  More info Buy Now
   DAC0808 - Data to Analogue Converter   Semiconductors   DAC0808   DAC0808 - Data to Analogue Converter   $7.95USD  More info Buy Now
   Dynamic RAM 64KX1 100ns   Semiconductors   4164-10   Dynamic RAM 64KX1 100ns   $10.00USD  More info Buy Now
   Dynamic RAM 64KX1 120ns   Semiconductors   4164-12   Dynamic RAM 64KX1 120ns   $6.95USD  More info Buy Now
   Static RAM 8K X 8   Semiconductors   6264   Static RAM 8K X 8   $6.95USD  More info Buy Now
   Video Processor IC   Semiconductors   TMS9928A   Video Processor IC   $50.00USD  More info Buy Now
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01.9301 - 1 of 10 Decoder
02.Dynamic RAM 64KX1 120ns
03.7404-TTL INVERTER gates
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