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PINSCORE Display System Williams 3/4/6
PINSCORE Display System Williams 3/4/6
6116 NVRAM Module for Bally MCR games
Model: PinitechBallyMCR


NVRAM Module for Bally/Midway MCR


No more batteries!

This is a premium quality nonvolatile RAM (NVRAM) Replacement for the 6116 RAM used in Bally / Midway MCR Arcade Games. Replaces a 6116, 2016, 4016, 9128 or compatible pinout 2k x 8 SRAM. These modules use CYPRESS F-RAM nvram ICs rated at 151-year data retention & 100 trillion reads/writes. Absolutely no batteries are needed to retain your high scores or game settings, you can remove them from your game. Machine pin headers are used in this module which are very durable and won't damage your socket at all.


Please note that upgrading to nvram on Bally/Midway MCR Arcade Games will require removal of the existing RAM soldered to the board & installation of a 24-pin DIP socket.

In other words, if you don't have soldering experience or aren't comfortable modifying your board (AT YOUR OWN RISK) then you should hire a professional to do this upgrade for you or leave your board as-is and replace the lithium battery instead if your game is no longer holding high scores.

Power off the game. Remove the main circuit board stack (3 boards). The middle board is the main cpu board. Reference the location of the 6116 RAM chip for your game in the compatibility list below (please note that these locations were gathered off the internet and may not be 100% correct, if you cannot locate your RAM or a location below is incorrect please contact us!). Replace the socketed 6116 ram chip on your board with the new nvram module (remove/desolder existing chip and install the included IC socket). When installing the new nvram module into the socket, ensure it is properly oriented with the notch facing the same direction as the old chip.


  • Crater Raider (Replaces G5)
  • Demolition Derby (Replaces G5 6B)
  • Discs of Tron (Replaces G5 6B)
  • Domino Man (Replaces B2)
  • Journey (Replaces G2 B2)
  • Kick (Replaces D8)
  • Kick-Man (Replaces D8)
  • Kozmik Krooz'r (Replaces B2)
  • NFL (Replaces G5 6B)
  • Sarge (Replaces G5 6B)
  • Satan's Hollow (Replaces B2)
  • Spy Hunter (Replaces G5)
  • Solar Fox (Replaces D8)
  • Tapper (Replaces G5 6B)
  • Timber (Replaces G5 6B)
  • Tron (Replaces B2)
  • Two Tigers (Replaces B2)
  • Wacko (Replaces B2)




This nvram should also work in the following arcade games:

  • Sega - Championship Baseball, etc.
  • Capcom - Ghosts and Goblins, etc.
  • Atari - Dig Dug, Xevious, Pole Position, etc.
  • Many more arcade games that used a 6116 or compatible RAM!


Shipping Information

NVRAM is shipped in anti-static foam & anti-static bag. Installation PDF instructions are here.

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This product was added to our catalog on 02/12/2019.
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