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50A AMI Key (Rowe/AMI)
50A AMI Key (Rowe/AMI)
Gottlieb Game or Sound PROM/EPROMs
Model: Gott-PROM


Licenced Replacement Game EPROM or PROM - sometimes called Personality PROM for any of the following games - please tell us in the 'comments' section which EPROM/PROM/ROM you want by NAME and TYPE (Game, Sound, Display,etc.) when ordering. If you need a sound EPROM/PROM for the sound board that is the same price.
March, 2017 - adding CheckSums for comparison pruposes. Typos may exist so if your CheckSum does not match the listed one ask us first to verify the number.

Note, these are made when ordered, we do not hold a pre-made stock of them. So there may be a day or two after ordering before shipping occurs.

For the System 1 PROMs, we can burn them into a 2716 if you prefer - just ask in the comments section when placing your order.
Please let us now which game EPROM you need. There are several in each game...you get one EPROM per number selected in the order.

System 1 Game Name Game # Prom used

Game Prom

Sound PROM Sound
Date Manufactured Number made
Cleopatra  409 409 or A   No, had Chimes   2/1978 7,300
Sinbad 412 B   No, had Chimes   5/1978 12,950
Joker Poker 417 C   No, had Chimes   8/1978 9,280
Dragon 419 D   Had 3-tone PCB   11/1978 6,550
Solar Ride 421 E   Had 3-tone PCB   3/1979 9,165
Count Down 422 F   Had 3-tone PCB   6/1979 9,899
Close Encounters 424 G   Had 3-tone PCB   10/1978 9,950
Charlie's Angels 425 H   Had 3-tone PCB   1/1979 7,600
Pinball Pool 427 I   Had 3-tone PCB   8/1979 7,200
Totem 429 J   J-SND   10/1979 6,643
Incredible Hulk 433 K   K-SND   10/1979 6,150
Genie 435 L or M   L-SND   8/1979 6,800
Buck Rogers 437 N   N-SND   12/1979 7,410
Torch 438 P   P-SND   2/1980 3,880
Roller Disco 440 R   R-SND   2/1980 2,400
Asteroid Annie 442 S   S-SND   8/1980 211
Test PROM, for bench test fixture   T   -      

(The chart was built from info in the Gottlieb® parts books and Mr. Pinball's reference guide)

Note that for the earliest System 80 games - Panthera, Spider-Man, Circus, Counterforce, Star Race, and James Bond where there were two (P)ROMs, we normally provide a single EPROM, you will need to do a couple of trace cuts and jumper wires on your MPU board as per this PDF. If you prefer the original two (P)ROMs then you need to order TWO PROMs.

System 80 (CheckSum = CS) Please let us now which game and/or sound EPROM you need. There are several in each game...you get one EPROM per number selected in the order.

System 80A (CheckSums=CS) - Please let us now which game and/or sound EPROM you need. There are several in each game...you get one EPROM per number selected in the order.

  • Devil's Dare #670 : Game Prom - original - CS-1982, Game Prom - RV-1 - CS-0782, Game Prom - RV-2 - CS-0655, U2 CS-F126, U3 CS-00BF, S1 CS-4CB2, S2 CS-464F
  • Caveman #PV810
  • Rocky #672
  • Spirit #673
  • Punk! #674
  • Striker #675
  • Krull #676 (never produced)
  • Q*Bert's Quest #677
  • Super Orbit #680
  • Royal Flush Deluxe #681
  • Goin' Nuts #682 (never produced)
  • Amazon Hunt #684
  • Rack 'Em Up #685 (Mylstar)
  • Ready...Aim...Fire #686 (Mylstar)
  • Jacks To Open #687 (Mylstar)
  • Touchdown #688 (Premier)
  • Alien Star #689 (Mylstar)
  • The Games #691 (Mylstar)
  • El Dorado City Of Gold #692
  • Ice Fever #695
  • System 80A U2/U3 ROM for GPE U2:U3 board (combined XO-326 & XO-327)
  • XO-326_A (U2)
  • XO-327_A (U3)
  • Test - TE-SYS80A (for bench test fixture)

System 80B - can use with GPE U2:U3 board! Please let us now which game or sound EPROM you need. There are several in each game...you get one EPROM per number selected in the order.

80B EPROM names and locations:

GPROM = Game PROM - Control (MPU) board A1 - location U2/U3
DROM = SounD ROM - Sound board A6 - K2
YROM1/2 = Yamaha ROM (music) -
not used in all 80B games - Sound board A6 - N3 (YROM1) K3 (YROM2)

  • Bounty Hunter #694
  • Chicago Cubs #696
  • Rock #697 (GPROM, DROM1, YROM1) To convert ROCK to ROCK ENCORE you order 704-DROM1, 704-YROM-1, and 704-YROM2. This gives you the extra sounds of game 704, same game play.
  • Tag Team #698
  • Raven #702
  • Hollywood Heat #703
  • Rock Encore #704 (GPROM - same as ROCK, DROM1, YROM1, YROM2) ROCK ENCORE has different audio sounds, same program as ROCK.
  • Genesis #705
  • Spring Break #706, original PROM1 CS=EB3A & PROM 2 CS=EE5B. Or 706-1Ball PROM1 CS=EB01, PROM 2 CS=E9F5 - For Single Ball Play you need to order GAME EPROM #1 and GAME EPROM #2. Dip Sw 31 turns that feature on/off
  • Gold Wing #707 checksums: GPROM1=E2E8, GPROM2=FF45
  • Monte Carlo #708
  • Arena #709
  • Victory #710 - Checksums - PROM1 = 02F2, PROM2 = 2B32, DROM1 = 5E08, YROM1 = D8F8
  • Diamond Lady #711
  • TX-Sector #712
  • Big House #713
  • Robo-War #714
  • Excalibur #715
  • Bad Girls #717 Checksums: GAME PROM1(U2/3)=5BF0, PROM2=F7BE or BB0D, YROM=B6BE, DROM=3FA5
  • Hot Shots #718
  • Bonebusters Inc. #719
  • Test - System 80B.U02 - for bench test fixture

System 3 (CS = CheckSum) Please let us now which game, sound, or display EPROM you need. There are several in each game...you get one EPROM per number selected in the order. For System 3 Sound EPROMs you need to give us either the location or the label info to order: DROM1, YROM1, AROM1 - and other labels if there is an auxillary sound board... The sound EPROM is not changed for later game revisions, unless otherwise shown below.

System 3 EPROM names and locations:

GPROM = Game PROM - Control (MPU) board A1 - location U3
= DiSplay PROM - Display Controller board A8 - U3
= SounD ROM - Sound board A6 - K2
YROM = Yamaha ROM (music) - Sound board A6 - K3
AROM1/2 = Audio ROM (sounds & speech) - Auxillary Sound board A20 U4 (1), U5 (2 - if used)

  • Lights...Camera...Action! #720, Last revision is GPROM/3.
  • Silver Slugger #722
  • Vegas #723
  • Deady Weapon #724
  • Car Hop #725
  • Title Fight #726
  • Hoops #727
  • Cactus Jack's #729 - GRPOM CheckSums: AROM1 - B20F , AROM2 - 90D5,  DROM1 - 2EE6 , GPROM - C215, YROM - 8B0E
  • Class of 1812 #730
  • Surf 'N Safari #731 - Last revision is GPROM/2, fixes bug where player can get to keep existing score when starting new game by tilting 3rd ball.
  • Operation Thunder #732 - Last revision is GPROM/1 (732/1), which increases game time by allowing some settings to be changed. Serial 87001 to 87638
  • Super Mario Bros. #733 - Last official revision is GPROM/2 and DSPROM/2 - which increase difficulty. Serial 90001 to 92108 I also have RV3 (GPROM/3 & DSPROM/2).
  • Cue Ball Wizard #734 - Note there are several revisions of this software - GPROM-4 & DSPROM-4 being the known last. With GPROM-4 you add a fourth ball so if one gets trapped in the playfield the game will play on. Serial 97001 to 97388. I just found an archive claiming to be RV-6 for Cue Ball Wizard. I have no idea what these 'fix', but they are different than the other Eproms in my collection...
  • Street Fighter II #735 - GPROM Checksums - Orig = A094 Rv1 = A48E, Rv2 = 9FEF. Last official revision is GPROM/1 (735-1), allows one to change settings #48 to a greater extent. I also have revisions:.RV 2(GPROM/2 & DSPROM/2).
  • Tee'd Off #736 - Revisions RV1 (GPROM/1), and RV3 (GPROM/3)
  • Gladiators #737
  • Wipe Out #738
  • Rescue 911 #740
  • World Challenge Soccer #741 - Revisions RV2 (DSPROM/2)
  • Stargate #742, - Revisions: RV2 (GPROM/2 & DSPROM/2), RV3 (GPROM/3 & DSPROM/3), and RV4 (GPROM/4 & DSPROM/3).
  • Shaq Attaq #743 - GPROM Checksums - Orig = ? Rv1 = 5676, Rv2 = 3D53, Rv3 =?, Rv4 = 5676, Rv5 = FF12
  • Freddy: A Nightmare on Elm Street #744 - Last official revision was GRPOM/3 (744/3) which improved game times, I also have GPROM 744/4 which I have no info on...
  • Frank Thomas' Big Hurt #745
  • Strike 'N Spares #N111
  • Waterworld #746 - Revsions RV2 (GPROM/2) and RV2 (GPROM/3 & DSPROM/3)
  • Mario Andretti #747 - Revision RV/4 available (GPROM/4)
  • Barb Wire #748 (their last production game)

Postage - if you are only ordering a couple of EPROMs or PROMs and you live in the USA and we can ship the items in a small padded envelope, then we shall be refunding some of your postage costs as the system can't calculate for padded envelopes. Typical refund is around $5USD. Note that padded envelopes are not insured, nor is there any tracking number associated with them. If this is a problem then please choose Expedited or Express postage.

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(Oct 20, 2018) There will be a series of rotating postal strikes in Canada starting Monday Oct 22, so parcel items may not be picked up for a day or two - in other words, there may be delays. Currently Vancouver/Burnaby are not scheduled for strike action, so the mail will continue for now. We shall keep you informed as soon as we find out more.. We do offer FEDEX shipping for our customers as an alternative.
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