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Gottlieb System 1 - Ni-Wumpf MPU Mk-2
Model: Ni-Wumpf-Sys1


The new (2014 design) Ni-Wumpf System 1 board MKII is a plug-in replacement for the original Gottlieb System 1 CPU.  It supports all of the games in the platform series, and provides considerable diagnostic capability for the technician when troubleshooting where a game may be malfunctioning.  The entire game software has been re-written with an emphasis on maintaining the timing and compatibility of the original board, however with quite a bit more functionality added in:

Key Benefits

  • Download the manual here!
  • Direct replacement of the original System1 board.
  • Enhanced switch input circuitry preventing damage to the board from playfield wiring issues.
  • 3-month warranty.
  • All game code completely re-written (with some minor original Gottlieb glitches omitted!)
  • Eighten years in business with thousands of boards sold internationally.
  • Text based diagnostics menu system that allows operator settings previously done via DIP switches to be entered via front door switches.
  • Tests that cycle repeatedly (until timeout) to help isolate faults.
  • Enhanced use of high reliability surface-mount components with off-the-shelf thru-hole components at the edge for ease of serviceability.
  • Display test to exercise all digit segments (numbers), and to strobe each digit independently to check for display (UDN6118) shorts.
  • Solenoid test that exercises each coil including lamp controlled coils (when DIP switch configuration set for such a game)
  • Enhanced switch test to identify stuck switches.
  • Power-up code revision and game setting displayed for quick diagnostic configuration identification.
  • Switch test that detects dirty switches on the playfield.
  • All 16 System 1 games are included on one board with no ROM swapping required.
  • Original MPU functionality has been closely duplicated and adds many optional features including:
    • Free game mode
    • Updated game options for many games to allow add-a-ball mode (multiple free-balls awarded during a single ball) where the playfield challenge is completely reset once after scoring the free-ball / special.
    • Menu options to disable add-a-ball (for operators who requested it!)
    • Automatic scoring threshold adjustment.
    • Ball Save!
    • Million point scoring.
    • Idle mode animation.
    • Skill shot option.
    • Four high scores memory.
    • Restore factory-settings option for quick reset of settings.
  • Open-collector output logic with zener diode protection for all solenoid circuits and lamp select lines to prevent CPU damage from a damaged driver board.
  • Battery-less operation - all settings and high-score data are stored in FLASH with >100,000 write cycles.
  • Designed for low-cost component repair and maintenance on I/O sensitive components (exposed to bad displays / bad driver boards, etc.)
  • Stuck switches are ignored and do not impair the rest of the games operation, including the slam switch!
System 1 Game Name Game # Prom used Date Manufactured Number made
Cleopatra  409 409 or A 2/1978 7,300
Sinbad 412 B 5/1978 12,950
Joker Poker 417 C 8/1978 9,280
Dragon 419 D 11/1978 6,550
Solar Ride 421 E 3/1979 9,165
Count Down 422 F 6/1979 9,899
Close Encounters 424 G 10/1978 9,950
Charlie's Angels 425 H 1/1979 7,600
Pinball Pool 427 I 8/1979 7,200
Totem 429 J 10/1979 6,643
Incredible Hulk 433 K 10/1979 6,150
Genie 435 L or M 8/1979 6,800
Buck Rogers 437 N 12/1979 7,410
Torch 438 P 2/1980 3,880
Roller Disco 440 R 2/1980 2,400
Asteroid Annie 442 S 8/1980 211

We still repair the old Gottlieb® System 1 MPUs and other boards as used in those games...
(The chart was built from info in the Gottlieb® parts books and Mr. Pinball's reference guide)

Sometimes spelled as Ni-Wumph, or Niwumpf...

Slight price increase thanks to US trade war with China.

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This product was added to our catalog on 03/28/2010.
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