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ESR & Low Ohms Meter Page (K-7204 original) K-7214 (MK2) (for the new Anatek BLUE ESR click here)

First generation meter MK1The new MARK 2 Meter Kit!
The kit contains all required components (click for an exploded kit), but you will need to provide a 9V alkaline battery (or 2 to 4 AAA batteries). The floppy disk is shown for size comparison only! Second picture is Mark 2 - it is the same size as the original.

Brief Specifications

Measurement range: 0.01 to 99 ohms, auto-ranging
Peak probe-tip voltage @ full scale: 100mV
Update speed: 4 readings/second
Power supply: Internal 9V alkaline battery or external 9V DC
Controls: Single push button for power on/off and zero
Designed by Bob Parker and produced by Dick Smith Electronics in Australia

K7214 ESR Meter Mark II Features

* Tests electrolytics in-circuit <100mV test voltage, & test leads are non-polarized
* Auto-ranging to cover 0.01 - 99 ohms 
* Single pushbutton to easily control all functions
* Test lead resistance zeroing compensation
* Automatic power off when reading is unchanged for 3 minutes
* Low battery voltage warning ('b' flashes on right-hand digit)
* Big, easy to read 0.5 inch (13mm) LED displays
* Table of typical good capacitor ESR readings on the front panel
* Built-in self test to aid in troubleshooting kit assembly
* Tests electrolytics in circuit, & test leads are non-polarized.
* Kit contains all hardware and components, except batteries (prohibited in postal system). 
* Note: Potentiometers are labelled as follows,  201 = 200 Ohms (200R), 103 = 10K Ohms (10,000R).
To check if the capacitor is shorted, simply put the ESR probes in parallel with a simple ohm-meter. The ohm-meter will read the DC resistance, while the ESR meter reads the high frequency resistance, if both are similar then the capacitor is shorted!

Important Ordering Information- please read carefully!

This meter (Mark II) was available as a kit (or assembled for a little more) from John's Jukes Ltd. (We've sold over 600 to date!) You can order online for the new MARK III (Blue version) .
If you have questions which I haven't already answered, you can send an e-mail to John's Jukes.
In all correspondence with John's Jukes, especially about existing orders, please tell us your company name, your last invoice number if you've ordered from us before, and all other relevant information. We have many hundreds of customers, and our mind-reading powers aren't very good!

 Customers include: The Boeing Company (Kennedy Space Center), Canadian Government, and numerous TV repair shops, plus many TV transmitter service centers.

Here are a couple of unsolicited accolades for the ESR kit:

Dear John,         I meant to send this sooner, but have been enjoying my new ESR meter.  Words are barely adequate to describe the praise I offer on this grand piece of test equipment.  It works exactly as described.  This I expected, but there are several outstanding things I noticed that I must comment on:           The P.C. board is a true work of excellent quality.         The front panel is gorgeous.....well printed, neat, silk screened (maybe?), but nonetheless of super quality.         The entire item is a masterpiece.         Absolutely no missing parts.         Worked first time without any problem at all.           All of this I truly appreciate.  Also, it arrived only 6 days after you sent it, so evidently customs didn't open it.   Thank You,  Respectfully,       Fredrick Howe                                 2850 North County Road 1500                                 Niota, Illinois 62358           I must go on to tell you that I lost my job in February at age 60.  This necessitated going back into the TV repair business so I know for certain what I'll be doing for the next 5 years or so.  If I'd had an item such as this 25 years ago, It would certainly have been a big help.  After 40 years experience as an electronic tech, this is certainly one of the ultimate tools of this trade.

March 19, 2003) Dear John,   The K7204 ESR meter kit I ordered arrived day before yesterday, and I assembled it yesterday. This email is just to tell you how pleased I am. Excellent quality kit, perfect PCB quality, and all parts there in the box. Worked perfectly first time, no troubleshooting required.   I am a television broadcast engineer for our local government TV station, and my hobby is restoring old audio tape recorders. I have wanted an ESR meter for years, but locally the only unit parts distributors carry is the B & K 885/6 at over $750.00US. Way too much for a hobbyist! Thanks for making this kit available in the North American market. I'm sending a Cc of this message to Bob Parker to convey my thoughts about his meter and to thank him also.   Sincerely,   G H L  Miami, FL 33184-2004 USA
Subject: Report by happy customer
(Aug 8, 2007)

Hey John - -

Yes, the kit arrived quickly and in perfect shape. I put it right together in about 5 hours and it worked perfectly the first time I turned it on. I really like it - - very accurate after calibration with the very accurate
cal resistors. I use it to see that my ham antenna is making good contact through the joints to each element as well as a check on the state of computer power supplies. You can measure the ESR of the computer output
filters by probing the contacts of the big connector that plugs into the mother board (after unplugging it and all the drives that also use power).

It's worth keeping track of these ESR readings every 6 months or so to keep from having hard drive failure due to power supply problems. I also use it to check the ESR of Zener regulators and newly charged AA and AAA cells. I took about a week to look at all the ESR circuits on the web and competing
ESR Meters. Yours stood out strongly from the rest with the 99 + 90 + 90 = 279 reading resolution of the three ranges, the zeroing, and the auto turn-off feature. I preferred it to the EVB design out of Portugal because
of its stronger case, larger battery and no input protection diodes on the PCB (I'd rather add them externally).

I'm completely satisfied with my purchase and happy with its performance. Thanks for following up - -

Chuck Olson W6PKP

(jrr-at-flippers-dot-com for those who do not have their browser set to open their email client)
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