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Fluke 9010A Micro-System test fixture
with working RS-232 Port for $595US (we have none with working tape drives) Also have 9010A with the Sync port (for signature analysis) and RS-232 for $750USD - includes sync module.

Fluke 9100A base units
We have Fluke 9100A base units available starting at $1495US - these do not have the programming option. All are running 6.1 software on SCSI drives with 4MB of ram and working floppy drives.

Discussion mail list on Fluke 9010/9100 test gear as well as other makes and models is hosted by flippers:

Techtoolslist mailing list ("TTL"), please note that you need to use your real name to register...
Archive site:

Fluke Pods New Old Stock (sealed in Fluke factory bags):
9000-1802 $395US (NOS)
9000-68020 $345US (New Old Stock)
9132-68030 $295US (New Old Stock) - note this is not a pod, it is a sub-assembly for the 9132A pod assembly. Manual
9000-80286 $395US (NOS)

Fluke Pods - used, tested:

68008 Emulator module for 68000 pod - $95US - (may be able to test this.)
9000-80386 $295US - used, pod self-test = OK
9000-8048 $295US - " "
9000-8080 $295US - " "
9000-8086 $295US - " "
9000-8088 $295US - " "
9000-9900 $195US - " " This is for the TI 9900 CPU.

Fluke 9010A keys - some left in stock, see this picture, $25 each or $20 each for five or more.

Modules for the 9100 base unit:
Y9100A Calibration Module $95US
Y9100A Clock Module - $145US
Y9100A Flying Lead Module - $145US
Y9100A 14D Dip Clip Module - $95US
Y9100A 16D Dip Clip Module - $95US
Y9100A 18D Dip Clip Module - $95US
Y9100A 20D Dip Clip Module - $95US

Y9100A 24D Dip Clip Module - $95US
Y9100A 28D Dip Clip Module - $95US

Other accessories are available - listing soon.

Information on correct POD cables for reference purposes only - I don't have these cables:
UUT Cable Style of Cable POD(s)
585141 flat 6502, 6802/8, Z80


flat 8080
650432 shielded Z8000
680595 shielded 1802, 8048/8041, 8051
680503 shielded 8086
680603 shielded 8088
685461 shielded Z80, Z80/AA, Z80QT
685479 shielded

6502, 6800, 6802/6808

685487 shielded 8080
685495 shielded 8085
685610 shielded 68000
680611 (thanks Tony)
shielded 6809

The shielded (twisted pair) UUT cables are NOT interchangeable due to various pins being tied to ground. It appears that the flat UUT cables also have shared grounded pins so they too can only be used with their correct pods...

John :-#)#

(jrr-at-flippers-dot-com for those who do not have their browser set to open their email client)
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