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JUKEBOX HELP PAGE (as of May 26, 2017 )

Service procedures:

1) Get the correct service manual. We sell them as other dealers do, or you can download them from a couple of sites (use your Google skills to find these).

2) Start at the first page of the adjustments for the suspect area and check EACH switch/microswitch for correct operation, resistance when closed (as close to 0.0 ohms as possible), and adjustment.

3) Do each adjustment in the order shown in the manual - after all you have no idea when this was last performed - someone claiming the machine 'worked fine' is not exactly a technical overhaul. After all the machine is from the 1970s - would you run a 1970s car that you just bought without first changing the oil and having a mechanic check it over before loading the kids and driving on the freeway?

4) OK, after doing all the adjustments and double checking that everything is plugged in AND that all the fuses are the factory values AND that the power cord is safe (hold up to your ear and flex - it should be silent, and the insulation should be flexible where it is exposed inside the amplifier) - only then can you plug it in and see what happens.

5) Problems? Read the Troubleshooting section and pose questions to the jukebox mail list or newsgroup (read below) outlining what you have done (your overhaul) and what problems are and what you have doen to try and solve the problems.

Soon you will be joining a number of home owners who happily fix their own machines!

I do not provide private free tech support (my rate is $90/hour for private technical advice). However there are at least two jukebox forums that I (and many others) participate in to provide help and encouragement to collectors/owners such as yourself.

One is a newsgroup - alt.collecting.juke-boxes check with your Internet Service Provider about accessing Newsgroups (also known as Usenet).

The other is a jukebox mail list: and the mail list Searchable Archives.

I do recommend seaching the archives first for your model and problem (simple key words is best), then post a question with a bit more information - what works, doesn't work, did the machine work when you bought it but has since failed or has it not worked since you bought it, jukebox make, model, your location...

Where to buy records!

Vancouver, BC, Canada - We have a couple of record stores here - mostly 33s but 45s too!

Zulu Records on 4th avenue

Neptoon Records Main St.

Dandelion Records Main St.

Crazy Bob's in Langley


Vinyl Lives!!! The Bop Shop - Village Gate Square - 274 North Goodman Street - Rochester - NY - 14607 - 585.271.3354

Dave's Records (aka momandpopmusic), Chicago.
Tell'm TJ sent you, Thomas J. Mertz Department of History Edgewood College

Jukebox Keys -
moved to (seems to be a problem with this site - will try to track down where you can get keys...)

NSM service tips (in German I'm afraid) link
Use Babelfish to translate the page(s)

There is an outfit in the US that repairs NSM vinyl (45RPM) mechanisms. The guy is George Sammons, and his site is

Early Wurlitzer amplifier schematics - up to 1100 series

Jukebox-list mailing list - a group of people that like to talk and and help each other with their machines...

Early Phonograph (Record Players) and Jukebox cartridge repairs. They also repair record player turntables, fix record cutting heads....recommended by several people from the Jukebox Mail List (just above).

Hi Folks,   I keep getting enquiries for jukebox repairs around the world...  

Please send an email: stating your expertise, pricing, and service area so I can edit this Jukebox Service page here on (jrr(at)flippers(dot)commmm.

Please note that I can NOT verify the quality of the work of the individuals or companies listed here - I place anyone that sends me a note. You have to decide if the person is qualified to work on your machine!

An example:
John's Jukes Ltd.
7 - 3979 Marine Way
Burnaby, BC V5J 5E3
All brands of jukeboxes - home service area Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, North and West Vancouver and most of the 'lower mainland'.
I believe it would help all of us to have this info compiled and easy for search engines. Flippers scores very high on Google as well, so it that should help.  A link back would be appreciated...
No charge, I just want a place to send folks that email me daily...if it becomes work then I might consider charging, but for now, no plans at all. No adds...just lists of helpful people.   I reserve the right to remove or not post anyone though.   John :-#)# spam(at)flippers(dot)com (valid email address- really!)

Some simple test gear for jukebox amplifiers that I made up years ago (and still use):

Jukebox (and Pinball) Service Folk and Companies around the World as of May 26, 2017 that have contacted me...
A brief listing of people that claim to fix jukeboxes and the area they service, please note that I can NOT advise you as to the quality of their work, this is simply a public service to help people find repair folks - it's up to you to judge the work! I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions.



Jack McGill:
130 Cooksmill Rd. N1H 6H8
Home 519 836 2941

Fab @ "Any Electronics Recycling & Repair"
Industrial and Consumer Electronic Repair

1378 Cornwall Street
Regina, SK
1-306-352 7466
(these folks fixed one of my (John's Jukes Ltd.) customers' OMT-CDs and the customer is quite happy! - John :-#)# )

Hub City Vending
Irwin fixes pinballs and jukeboxes - might even do video games.. HCV(at)shaw(dot)ca


Hope area:

Tho I live just 70 miles east, at least I could take a look and if I figure I can't handle the repair, (which would likely be true most times) I could refer it to you, with a bit of info I have collected about the problem on site, locally. Don dontutt(at)telus(dot)net - Janary 2008 - sorry folks, but Don Tutt passed away on December 24th, 2007. He will be missed.


Juke of Shrewsbury Ltd. Shrewsbury UK adrian(at)jukeofshrewsbury(dot)co(dot)uk +44 (0)1743 344019 All major brands - workshop service covering all UK, limited local (Midlands / North West) home service. Specialize in full restorations.

We have been supplying spare parts, servicing and repairs to Rowe Ami jukeboxes since 1980, mostly in the UK but a small amount of spares have gone abroad in the 25 years since we started in business.

Our stock of spares including some trim starts from MM1 to R92 although we do have the odd part for some of the earlier boxes.

Alan Hood
Games Unlimited & Datex Systems
Units 4 & 5 Lion Park
New Street
South Yorkshire
S20 3GH

 44 114 247 0242 phone
 44 114 251 0727 fax
(spotted this note on alt.collecting.juke-boxes Sept 24, 2012 - JR)
'Tim_5_ Wrote:
> > Alan Hood did a great job repairing my r-82 memory board.
> > I highly recommend his work if your having trouble with your rowe juke.

Thank you Tim for your reference, I am glad to hear that there is
another Rowe Ami saved from the scrap yard.


Alan Hood

Don't know if this will be of help to you guys over the pond but NSM jukeboxes are quite popular in the UK. A friend of mine is a specialist in NSM repairs and he buys NSM's off ebay, repairs them and sells them on. He has good contacts within the electronics repair and spares business. He may be able to help you all.
Contact him , Riki, on 07770 724 306 email; rikig @ tiscali . co . uk.
Mention you were referred by Chris (Brotton)





SCC Electronics
4108 Glenmere Rd.
North Little Rock, AR 72116
(USA) 501-766-6558

If you have anyone in my state of Arkansas that just has to have technical help or service let me know. I have been repairing since I was a teenager and have never stopped. I have worked on every piece of amusement equipment one can imagine and have fixed most all of them or I knew why I couldn't. I currently service amusement operators in the greater Arkansas area on the newest arcade equipment as well as home owners stuff. I am component level logic, to restoring jukes (it has to sound as good as it looks, or so what!). I have modified tube amps and rewired jukes to sound fantastic. I don't have to advertise and depend only on word of mouth. My wish is to have an apprentice to teach to help me out and help build the business. Let somebody else enjoy the game, my love is fixing it. People like to see me coming. sammyc8398(at)sbcglobal(dot)net, Samuel Cross is my name.


Herb 501-612-4137

Could I ask you to as my company as I have repaired and done many restorations on jukeboxes, pinball machine, slots and arcade video game. You can find all that you will need on my website at If you need to call me call me at 501-612-4137 or email me. I have been in business here in Little Rock for about 5 years now and service jukeboxes,pinballs and slots in all the connecting states, California, Kentucky,Alabama,and Texas. I love your site and look forward to having more jukes working longer. Herb


Arizona Jukebox Company
Jeff Zurn
Peoria, AZ
please email: jeff(att)arizonajukeboxcompany(dit)com


San Francisco area

Ron Rich Millbrae CA  ronnnrich(at)yahoo(dot)com   Most all Jukeboxes including  45rpm, CD's, and some 78rpms Seeburg component repair--"house calls" in the San Francisco area by appointment only


Kyle ~ Mechanical Music of San Francisco
Jukeboxes with minor or newly developed problems, need a needle or a lube job, and/or owners on a budget and not in a big hurry, I'm your guy. $40/hr. including travel time outside San Francisco. Parts at cost. Mechanisms lubed with all services. You will need to provide or acquire a service manual.
Be SURE to also send an e-mail FIRST so I have the MAKE, MODEL NUMBER, the problem, and your location. I will still require an email even if you call first. 415 307 0053.
Kyle ~

Santa Barbara area:

Jay Hennigan Santa Barbara, CA 93101 USA 805 692-5174, jay(at)west(dot)net All brands of jukeboxes, specializing in 1950s to 1970s 45-RPM machines. Home service area Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties, California.  Simple repairs to complete restorations.  Also amplifier rebuilding and service by mail-order from all areas.  

Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties

Alan Neuman 
GamesMedic(at)gmail(dot)com - I am located 70 miles north of Los Angeles on the coast.  9611 N Ventura Avenue Ventura, CA 93001 805-217-2870

Los Angeles area:
If the person is in the LA area, he can use CW Rowe in El Monte. Ph. 1-626-448-4518, addy: 4487,N. Rowland Ave, El Monte, Ca. 91731. He does good work at reasonable prices. Tell him Rick Force sent you.

Northern California:

Rock Around The Clock 634A Vernon Street, Roseville, CA  95678  Full Restoration and Repair Services on all brands of jukeboxes (1930s - 1980s)...also EM and Digital Pinball Machines, Video Arcade Games Slot Machines and Vintage Antique Radios Pick-up and delivery service available for service and restoration. rick(at)rockaroundclock(dot)com Telephone: 916 780-0804 or 916 276-8015   I would like to be posted on your web site for Jukebox Service and Restoration.  I grew up servicing jukeboxes with my father who was a Rockola Distributor and Operator in the S.F. and Oakland areas of CA and have been in business for close to 20 years off and on.   Thank You  Rick Murillo, Rock Around The Clock

My name is Tim O'Day, I own a business named Doctor Jukebox. I service, repair, and refurbish Seeburg, Rock-Ola, AMI, and Whurlitzer jukeboxes. I due onsite service, and small repairs. The more extensive repairs and refurbishing is done at my shop. I offer transportation for the jukebox if needed. I service Northern California. You may contact me at 916-995-0255 or 916-983-0949.

Southern California:

Hi I am Bret and have been in the repair business of pinball, arcade, jukebox, bowlers, etc for over twenty years. I am avaliable 7 days a week. I serve all of Southern California. I can be reached at 760-212-8310. If you or anyone else needs anything please contact me.

Thanks for your time!
Penguin Pinball

Connecticut and Massachusetts (west):

Hi John, you can add me to your tech list for consideration. I'll look at anything but Seeburgs are my favorite. I do complete restorations, mechs, pinbanks, some amp repair,and i do my own veneer work. I also do pinball repair. I'll cover the majority of Connecticut and Massachusetts. I can provide references too. Thanks. Rick Murray

Rick Murray's email is gibson510(aat)charter(doot)net

Delaware: (Dover)

Sure, I work on Rowe/Ami models R84 to CD100K have most parts in stock and am willing to give free advice for as much as I know. Jukebox Jim's - Dover, Delaware 19901 email: cjs302n(attt)comcast(dott)net phone 302-242-8213 website coming soon thanks John Glassco


Vero Beach:
Game repairs by George

I work on all models of jukeboxes, pins, slots, any age. I am in Vero Beach, Florida (Treasure Coast). I have been in the game business since 1981. Phone is 772 532-9979


Atlanta Arcades - Servicing Atlanta and surrounding areas
sales (at) AtlantaArcades (d0t) com

404.592.6208 (office)
404.966-2051 (cell)

Atlanta Arcades provides professional in-home repairs (and in-shop restorations) of arcade equipment (pinball machines, video arcades, and juke box). Jukebox service provided for all AMI/Rowe, Seeburg, Rock-ola, and Wurlizter.

Unlike others, we do NOT require any money up front to begin work on your prized machine(s), we come to you, and we teach you repair techniques to help you save money in that we encourage you to watch and explain exactly what we are doing as we do it. We also stock an extensive inventory of parts and can typically fix your arcade equipment in one trip.

Call Tom or Trey at 404-592-6208 to schedule an appointment for your repair needs, or to visit our showroom and preview our extensive inventory of classic arcade equipment.

Jim Dirksen, General jukebox repairs for most makes up to early 60's. No CD boxes. House calls by appointment. Email dirksenj(at)bellsouth(dot)net

St. Simons Island:
Bill Bickers, owner offering expert repair of Jukebox sound systems and free repair advice for Jukebox owners.
Jukebox Friday Night
259 Alabama St.
St. Simons Island, Ga. 31522

Hours: Monday through Friday from 9 am until 4 pm.


Jukebox Geriatrics Hammond, LA, USA
Call JP at 985-320-0245 jp_white(at)att(dot)net All brands of 78 and 45 RPM jukeboxes repaired. In home service calls to South East Louisiana by appointment. Jukeboxes, Antique Coke Machines and other coin-op machines bought and sold.


You can list me on your technicians list if you wish. I am located in Baltimore, MD and will service jukeboxes (housecalls) in Baltimore and Washington DC. I will _restore_ jukeboxes from Washington, DC to New York City. My specialty is Seeburgs of all vintages, and any other jukeboxes up to about 1950. Automatic Music Machines John D. Rutoskey 208 S. Pulaski Street Suite 5L Baltimore, MD 21223 410-960-7816

Maryland, Washington D.C. and Surrounding Areas:

Repairs, sales and complete restoration on all brand Jukeboxes, One Arm Bandit Slot Machines and 40's & 50's Soda Machines and Coolers. I cover the entire Maryland, D.C., and Surrounding Areas. In your home repairs or you can drop off machine at my shop. Pick up and delivery service is available. I'm located in Carroll County, Maryland, 21797 and can be contact by email at or call me, Tom at 410-549-1185.
New York, NY:

Hi my name is Danny D'Elia, I do in-home repair of EM and SS Pins, Videos, Jukes, Arcade Games, Etc. I just wanted to introduce myself and offer my services if needed. My company name is On Location Vending Repairs. I'm located on Long Island in New York and am willing to travel any where within reason. I don't know if you get any calls in this area or if you have anyone here to refer them to. I've been in the business for 30 years and can supply plenty of excellent referrences if needed. If you'd like to contact me my e-mail is <daniel_delia(at)msn(dot)com> and my phone numbers are Home 631-264-3520 or Cel 631-662-6608. Feel free to contact me if necessary or share my information with anyone who might need my services. Thanks!


I "Care To Repair" your Jukebox, Pinball machine, Video Game, Slot Machine and/or any other machinery that you might own that either "takes" or "took" a coin. The age or the country of origin of your equipment does not matter to me. I will be glad to come to you and to repair your machine in your house or business location. We can always set up a time that is convenient for both of us! I operate mostly from Manhattan to Montauk--primarily in Suffolk, Nassau, and Queens. However, I often work the entire Tri-State area and am always open to and will consider longer roadtrips.

Mike Berrick
M&L Repair Inc.
631-242-8384 Home
631-807-0982 Cell (Best)
631-792-1177 Fax




Service, repair, and refurbish Seeburg, Rock-Ola, AMI, and Wurlitzer 45 RPM jukeboxes and Rockola Bubbler & Wurlitzer OMT Jukeboxes.  I due onsite service. Extensive repairs and refurbishing are done at my shop. Liftgate pickup/trailer available.  I service Northern Oregon (Portland/Salem) and Southern Washington (Vancouver/Longview). 

Jukebox Veterans
Doug Hoerth
16569 SE 115th Ave
Clackamas, OR  97015


I don't repair Jukes, but I'm a retired broadcast engineer with many years in
electronics (and I have several antique Jukes).
I would be happy to test tubes (Hickock 539C), capacitors, or whatever and give
free Juke electronics advice to anyone who wants it for folks in my area.

What I need is someone in this area with mechanical expertise (I don't have)!

Best Regards:

Roger Wheeler
Cincinnati, OH

My company repairs jukeboxes old and new, we answers questions from jukebox owners. Enos Crum Jukedoc Of Ohio 520 E Starr Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43201 telephone 1-614-297-0150 email jukedoc (at) voyager (dott) net

Tennessee and North Carolina:

Tony Miklos
Repairs for most jukes.
Cocke County, Eastern TN and Western North Carolina
30 years experience.
Pinball Too!
tony.miklos (at) gmail (dot) com


Retro Electronics and Audio Lab
600 South Marienfeld,
Midland, Texas, 79701
Service on all brands of jukeboxes...also electromechanical arcade games, electronic organs, phonographs, and other vintage electronics. Pick-up and delivery service for repairs. retroaudiolab(at)yahoo(dot)com
Thank you...Sincerely, Chad Hauris

CES Jukebox Repairs
4825 FM 1187
Burleson, Tx 76028
We service Seeburg, Wurlitzer, Rockola, NSM and Rowe/AMI.
John McDowell


I am in down state IL. Close to Peoria. I do all brands except NSM.
Robert Johnson
jandrjohnson((at)) frontiernet((dot))net

Tidewater Virginia area:
I worked almost 8 years for an Amusement company that owned, operated and
serviced Seeburg phonographs. I do work on other jukeboxes but Seeburgs are
my specialty as well as electromechanical pinballs. (sorry, no older
Rock-ola or AMI.) I will also offer my services on digital pinballs and
arcade games as well. Don't have the time for complete jukebox restorations,
but I will take in an occasional pinball once and awhile when I have room in
the shop. I will restore your pinball on site. I get everything on the game
working, clean the playfield in detail, change all the rubber and burnt out
lamps, for a reasonable price. I have many satisfied customers!
I cover the entire Tidewater area.

Cliff's Home Amusements - ob1skinobi(at)cox(dot)net
Williamsburg, VA

757 287-7781

Northern Virginia:
I'd like to add my name to your local service connections.

I have been servicing all types of coin operated equipment since 1978. I service the Northern Virginia area exclusively. My rates are: $85.00 for the first half hour and $40.00 for each additional hour.

Contact me at (703) 361-0420
Paul Howlett
Pinball Paul's


Hi I found your page and offer to list repair services
I’ve been repairing most anything for 40Years and recently fell in love with Jukeboxes and Pinball Machines
My business which I’m just starting to do in Earnest is Fixmytoy and I can do service in Eastern Massachusetts and Southern Hew Hampshire
So far I’ve fixed Rock-ola’s, Seeburgs, Rowe,and AMI

I’ve set up a website which is pretty basic now but I’ll be updating with Client machines I’ve repaired or restored
Bob Trottier

Southern Wisconsin and Eastern Minnesota:

WAYNE ERICKSMOEN (608) 788-6792

Repair all JUKEBOXES, electro mechanical pinball, bowling, gun games.

South Carolina:

Here is our contact info as well. I forgot to include it in my last email. We also have parts that are not listed on our website (and thousands of 45s). Our main business is repairing and restoring jukeboxes though. We love jukeboxes! ;)


Palmetto Jukebox
109 Freeport St,
Summerville, SC 29483


I have been fixing AMI , Rowe-AMI jukes for about 30 years, and have many NOS parts still in stock.
I can be contacted on: +61 417 300 906.
Jukebox Joint
P.O. Box 8494 Heatherton, Victoria, Australia 3202
email: alljukes(att)bigpond(dot)net(dot)au
140 Campbell Street,

Phone: 03 6234 2011 or 0418 127514; email: flamrecs (at) bigpond (dot) net (dot) au

I have been in the amusement industry for 45 years and specialize in AMI, Rowe-AMI, Rock-Ola and NSM vinyl record and CD jukes for which I carry spare parts, new and used and test equipment. I also service Wurlitzer and Seeburg jukes.

I also have a site for brand new records: Only brand new 45's are listed there; this is my other company FLAMINGO RECORDS.
Best regards,
Erwin Boot

(jrr-at-flippers-dot-com for those who do not have their browser set to open their email client)
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