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As of November 8, 2012


  • Picture Tubes B&W - 19" (inch) - 20WP4 - want to buy these! Will purchase working (good picture only) 19" portable B&W TVs (Electrohome, RCA, and other North American manufacturers) that used that exact picture tube.
  • For Micro Concepts BOARDWALKER 101 - manual or software later than Library V1.5
  • Kurz-Kasch Test equipment cards or documents. NOP's and K-K's Cinematronics exerciser too.
  • Daetron MC300/MC400 - Digital Capacitance Meter, dead units, or schematics. Designed by Bergeron Technologies Inc. of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Here is the operators manual (1.8 meg PDF). Note: I buy dead ones...
  • Fluke 900, 9000, 9010, 9010A, 9100A, 9100FT, 9100 series or "Series 90" test equipment, pods, probes, Braemar mini data cassette tapes, floppies, and manuals, or technical literature for same
  • Atari PBS-1 Simulator test fixture cards (shown under the manual in the bottom of the ad.) for the games: Middle Earth, Atarians, Airbourn Avenger, Time 2000...(more info on the PBS1 unit)
  • Atari Pinball Test Fixture for Superman or Hercules
  • Atari CTS-1 (Orange video game test fixture) game plugs, I have a number of spare game plugs for the PAT 9000 and CTS-1 for trade: Arabian and Crystal Castles are the only plugs I have left for the PAT9K. I have a bunch for the CTS-1 though.

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