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Pinball, Video game, & Jukebox Manuals for sale

Last modified on September 15, 2016

Note that we have eight, five drawer filing cabinets full of schematics including (a PDF of our list)..

-Video and pinball game originals from $25US (current market price), good photocopies from $20US, Jukebox manuals start from $29.95US
Postage will be quoted to you. Note: call/email Parts Department  us for pricing! For customers outside of Canada you must pay by International Money Order, Credit Card or PayPal only.
Please No personal cheques!


  • Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, Battlezone, Centipede, Missile Command, Tempest, Xevious, and dozens of others!


  • Aladdin's Castle, Captain Fantastic, Centaur, Evil Knieval, Lost World, Kiss, Mata Hari, Night Rider, Six Million Dollar Man, Supersonic, Xenon, and dozens of others...
AMI/ROWE: Most of the 45 players
Ball Brothers: B&W video monitors
CENTURI: Video games
Century: Jukebox 
CHICAGO COIN: Arcade games, pinball and early video games
DATE EAST: Pinball and video games
ELECTROHOME: Monitors GO-5, GO-7 CAO (901), GO-7 CBO
MIDWAY: Arcade games and video games including Pacman, Galaga, Blue Print...
NICHUBITSU: Video games including Moon Cresta, Crazy Climber....
NINTENDO: Video games including Donkey Kong, Popeye, Mario Brothers...
NSM: Jukeboxes - 45 & CD
ROCK-O-LA: Most models, all the 45 players
SEEBURG: Most models, all the 45 players
TAITO: Video games including Space Invaders, Crazy Climber, Zoo Keeper...
United: Alpha, Bowling Alley, Carnival Gun, Deluxe Baseball, Deluxe Bonus Gun,
Epsilon, Jumbo Bowling, Manhattan, Orbit, Polaris, Sahara, Simplex.
WELLS GARDNER: Monitor schematics
WILLIAMS: Most pinball games
WURLITZER: All models including many of the German (Deutsche Wurlitzer)



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