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Wurlitzer Solid State cross reference

A tour of the Wurlitzer factory circa 1947...
Last edited June 19, 2914 - I need to verify this list, please be careful...most are good though!

Just added - here is a sheet on Wurlitzer transistor pinouts, and another on finding the correct substitute, along with reforming capacitors...

Standard Part Numbers for Semiconductors With Wurlitzer Part Numbers
Wurlitzer Part No.      Description         Std. Part No.
71588-21                3 A Diode           1N4142
76700-23                1 A Diode           1N4004
125703                  Power Transistor    2N2526
128449..................Zener Diode         1N4758
130537-4-5              Transistor          2N2926-4-5
131262                  Transistor          2N4916
131777                  Transistor          2N6111 or TIP42 or MJE371 
132650                  Transistor          2N4870 or 2N4871
135789-1................Transistor          2N2222 or ECG123  
136406                  Transistor          See 131777 
137480 (TIS-92)         Transistor          MPSA05
138789-1-2              Transistor          2N2926-1-2 or 2N2925
138789-3                Transistor          2N3394
138789-4                Transistor          2N3393 or ECG194
138789-5                Transistor          2N3391 or ECG199(?)
140612..................Transistor          2N5882 or 2N3716 or ECG181 (this one is good!)
140622                  Transistor          2N2919 (dual transistor) note a 2N2222A or PN2222A should work
140623                  Transistor          MPSA56
140624                  Transistor          MPSA06
140625                  Transistor          2N6107 
140626                  Transistor          2N5496
140627                  Zener Diode         1N5240 
140770..................Triac               TIC236 or SCI46B or 2N6342A
142138                  Voltage Regulator   LM340        
143476                  Zener Diode         1N4736     
131710                  Transistor          2N4248
131782                  Transistor          2N5086
138378                  Transistor          MPSA05 
138380                  Transistor          TIP31A

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