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(You do need to understand that the original TIME TRAVEL WAREHOUSE IS NOW GONE! This page is for historical purposes only!!! I still have a few of these games in my warehouse...NIB Nutting Computer Quiz, check out the arcade games and pinball pages for the only remaining stock)

(March, 2009 - Dale Johnson - owner of the Time Travel Warehouse passed away. He will be greatly missed. A guestbook has been set up in his name here)

Everything below is stale dated from 2006 and as such is no longer valid

OK, folks, time to get those offers in! Any games, any me directly jrr(at)flippers(dot)com everything on this page is up for the best offer with payment or is heading to ebay or ???

Games are going fast - all the pool tables are gone, anything not listed is now no snoozing!

For our eBay auctions on items on this page we are selling under the name "Gamespeople" Currently on Ebay are: Nutting Computer Space parts

John :-#)#

The Warehouse of Dreams.... THE TIME TRAVEL WAREHOUSE! of November 8, 2006

(Click your "Refresh" button when you visit as I am constantly adding images - and short videos - and info to this page...)

Imagine, if you will, a time, back when the world was young and pinballs, arcade, and video games ruled the streets! Here we offer for sale classic games from the 1960's and 1970's- these have all been in storage since 1982 when the warehouse was essentially closed off. The games have simply sat there since then!
I am currently updating with pictures, dates (month/year where known), brochures (click on underlined 'flyer') and more descriptions - some games are still New In the Box - labelled "NIB"). Offers are cheerfully entertained, as prices are not carved in stone here... I shall be posting both dimensional weights (D.W.) and dimensions so you can try and find a better rate if you wish. Power tailgate required at our end. Some games we are happy to sell multiples of (look for the '+'), so ask about bulk offers.

Check us out at Better Business Bureau - our business name is John's Jukes Ltd.

NEW! - >>> VIDEOS of some of the games and size of file to download! The larger the mb figure the longer it takes - ADSL or CABLE recommended for anything over on the company name to go to the listing below, or click on the game name to watch the video... Note ***Manufacturer: Game*** means very rare!

Americoin: DOZER (10mb) and JUNKYARD (5mb) Great classic arcade diggers and pushers of stuff...
***Bonanza: LUCKY FLAG*** (5mb) A game of co-ordination and listening skills! (SOLD!)
Chicago Coin: ACE MACHINE GUN (4mb) Amazing how they make the effects!
InterFlip: - NIB DRAGON (6mb) pinball game - set up and plays great right out of the box!
Kasco: THE DRIVER (6mb) - note that the film shown for THE DRIVER video is the worn out test film and NOT the one included in the game!
Kasco's: STAR-V (5mb) Wow, 3-D large screen cockpit game with you flying over a planet, attacking, and being attacked in turn! (only 1 left!)
Kiddy Rides: SPACE CAPSULE (8mb) - dark, but you get some of the idea...
MCI: U-BOAT (3mb) Watch out! If you miss the ships, the destroyers then chuck depth charges at you - DUCK!
***Meadows: WARP SPEED*** (14MB) - an extremely rare prototype game - only working one in existance that I know of!
Nutting: RICOCHET (4mb) Classic B&W Bronze age game!
Nutting: COMPUTER SPACE - Blue (12mb) - sold for over $4800US on eBay
***Sammy PURSUITOR***(video-9mb) - Your WW1 bi-plane shooting up an Austin MINI! (video - 4mb) This is a Black-Light game and cameras just don't do the image justice! It is MUCH brighter and clearer when viewed with the human eye...
***United Billiards: LUIGI THE PIZZA MAN*** (10mb) Very cool and funny game - just wild!
Williams: HYPERBALL (5mb) The fastest game on the block!

Find these and other fascinating classic games below...


Please note that with SPAM filters etc, emails do get lost or overlooked. Our phone number is 604-872-5757, hours are Tuesday to Saturday - 9AM to 5:30PM and we are on Pacific Coast Time.

Freight costs (single game pricing - multiple games go up not quite the # of games) - the average pinball or upright video game is about 1.2 cubic yard in size. Smaller games (cocktail or cabaret games) are somewhat less, larger games are proportionally more. All freight charges shown are for DEPOT delivery - you pick up - usually in your city or close by - Forward Air terminal in many cases. Home delivery additional costs range from $35US to $175US - it just depends...

The average full size video game or pinball dimensional weight (D.W.) for freight is typically 310lb, freight rates (5 different rates) are by zone. Dimensions (eg. 12X34X56") are in inches.
Crating ($200US Extra) adds about from $50US (Zone 5) to $150US (Zone 1 & 2) to the shipping due to larger size.

So for (310lbs D.W.) cardboard wrapped/boxed and on a skid;
Freight to zone #5: BC, ID, OR, and WA is $150US
Freight to zone #4: CA, and NV is $175US
Freight to zones #3&6: AZ, CO, MT, NM, and UT is $200US
Freight to zone #7: IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MI, MN, MO, ND, NE, OH, OK, SD, TX, and WI $225US
Freight to zones #1&2: AL, AR, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, MA, MD, ME, MS, NC, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, SC, TN, VA, VT, and WV is $250US
Insurance is extra @ $1US per 100 dollars value ($500US deductable), and add $25US for power tailgate pickup A 48" container stuffed with games would cost about $4000US to ship (rail) to PA for example or truck would be $5900US! Customs would add about $300 to that.

Customs costs to the USA only: Next is customs clearance - for single items the cost ranges from $25 (value $200) to $50 ($4000 - $7,000US value) plus additional charges for documents if video games ($25 - $35US) and about $10 in paperwork (NAFTA etc. docs). If the game was made in the USA then there are no duties and taxes (unless your state has an agreement with US Customs - hasn't happened so far to the US!). Games made overseas (Japan or Europe) might have a duty, this has rarely been more than a few percent of the game value and in almost all cases (due to the age of the games) has never been applied. If curious please ask!

Packing costs: Regular uprights or pinball NIB games require a pallet - $25US, Non-NIB games require either crating or wrapping/boxing up and palletting - $75US. Crating? Add $200US for pinball or video games - this is a professional crate, not something whipped up in a garage.

So the shipping total for one video game (eg. Williams NIB Make Trax - $1495US) shipped to a freight depot in, say Florida or Texas, would be $250(freight) + $65(customs, video docs, extra paper) + $25 Tailgate pickup + $25 palleting = $360US (+up to $150US for home delivery - curbside - if wanted). Two NIB video games to the same depot would cost $450US(freight) + $85(customs) + $50(palleting) = $585US


Shipping overseas is very reasonable for single items - a crated Vectorbeam SPEED FREAK would cost $400US to be shipped to Australia. Containers are not a lot either- for example, a 20 foot container to Australia costs $3000US and a 40 foot container is $4500US.

European rates coming later today...
Note that overseas shipments of Less-Than-container-Loads (LTL) - single or mutliple games - usually require the use of fumigated wood that is certified by a crating company. Average crate is $175US. If you buy a container (20 or 40 foot) load then the games do NOT require crating (unless you request it) as they can be tied down inside - see pictures below of pinballs to Austria.

People are coming up from the US and overseas and buying truck/container loads of games, a five ton truck can easily take 12 games, more if you want to pack them tighter than this...


I am starting to add pictures of the games, these are often stuck behind other games and it might take time to get pictures of many of them. At least these few shots will give you an idea of the condition. Most are in quite nice shape, some are not so nice, and a few are parts machines...very few. If you have specific video games you are interested in please let me know and I shall add their pictures to the site as I dig them out. A lot of these games are so tighly packed that I can only tell you the name of them by crawling over the top of the games...head room of less than 36" (<1 meter).

Here is a picture of one area of pinball heads for example:
Basement (there are 6 more floors!)

Games in the warehouse (all floors): Flyers for most video games can be found at

Pictures of some of the games...

ALI Video games:
Fotsball (Flyer) (45X26X34") - $?US
Tennis Tourney and as it is in the warehouse - dusty... (Flyer)

ALI Arcade games:
Monte Carlo (1975) (Flyer)(Flyer rear) - NIB - $995US, and used $495US
Selectomatic Un-Scramble - NIB - $995US, and a dusty (23 years!) one - $495US. (Flyer)
Super Shifter (1974) (Flyer)(flyer rear) Great EM drag race game - don't blow your engine! (31X56X64") - $895US - SOLD
UNSCRAMBLE - ALI's first game, (flyer) $495US
WHAT-ZIT Quiz game - Identify the item in the picture (flyer)...Used $495US, (NIB)$995US

ALI Pinballs:
Boogie (1976)
Getaway (1978) (flyer)(flyer rear) NIB - $1495US, uncrating, playfield, side, other side (D.W. 270lbs)
Hoe Down
Sea Hunt (1972) - shakerball NEW In the Box! (NIB - $1495US) (front, left, middle, right, and rear of flyer)
Take 5 (1978) (flyer) cocktail style pinball - used $895US


Rocket Hockey (NIB) - $995US

DOZER - almost NIB, check the cash box, here is the game running (video - 10mb) . As the name suggests, this game is great for pushing stuff around - load the red pellets into the pits and watch your score climb! $1495US
Junkyard (1976) (Flyer) (video with actual game sounds) - Overhead crane style game - pick up the wrecked cars and get them to the hopper as fast as you can to win points and fame! Used $1495US, NIB $2495US/OBO (D.W. 497lbs)

Automatic Machines Incorporated (AMI Jukeboxes)
AMI E-80 Jukebox
AMI G-120 jukebox

ATARI Arcade games:
F-1 & Seat (1976) large screen cockpit game (Namco) (Flyer)(rear of flyer) - $995US (missing shroud)

ATARI Video games:
Basketball (1979) - $495US
Breakout (1976) - $495US
Destroyer (1977) (picture of game) - one of the three "Sisters" -> eBay
Drag Race (1977) - $595US
Football 2ply (1978) - we have a couple of used (screen detail) games! (26X45X40") - $595US
Handicap (Pong conversion from JRW Electronics) (Flyer page 1, page 2, page 3) - $offer?US
Le Man (1976) - silver age race track game! (26X34X67") - $495US
Monte Carlo (1980) Screen shot #1, #2, #3. $495US
Night Driver (1977) - $495US
Pong (1973) - $2995US
Sky Diver (1978) (side view, missing plexi for now view)
Sky Raider (1978) front view, low plays, right side, and left side. This is the second of the three "Sisters" (30X38X72") -> eBay
Sprint 1 (1978) - $495US
Sprint 2 (1977) - $595US
Starship 1 (1977) - the remaining "Sister" (30X38X72") -> eBay
Stunt Cycle (1976) - (sickly) Motorcyclist jumping over busses and it suggests Evil Kneivel - SOLD?
Super Breakout (1978) (flyer) (rear of flyer ) - $495US
Super Bug (1977) - $495US (working)
Video Pinball (21X35X66") Silver age! - $495US

ATARI Pinballs:
Atarians (3/77) - $895US
Airbourne Avenger (12/77) - $895US
Middle Earth (3/78) - $995US
Space Riders (2/79) - $995US

Road Runner - arcade driving game, uses cars on belts... SOLD
Spinner Our game - (25 years dusty) #1, #2, #3 , & #4 pictures - $695US
Table model Slot - $1995US
777 Slot Machine - $1995US

BALLY Pinballs:
Circus (11/73)
Expressway (9/71)
Galahad (2/70)
Joker Wild
Paragon (7/79)


CENTURI Jukebox:

CENTURI Video games:
Route 16 (4/81)
Swimmer (11/82) c/t (NIB) $995US flyer
The Pit c/t (NIB) detail $995US
Tunnel Hunt (8/82) (NIB) $995US

Ace Machine Gun Here is a video (8mb) of the game in action! $995US
Big Top (1972) (flyer) (rear of flyer) rifle game (also known as 'gun games')...
Goalee (flyer) (alternate flyer)
Mini Baseball (flyer) (rear of flyer)
High Score Pool (11/74) (flyer)
Hee Haw (5/73) - pinball

CINEMATRONICS (Vectorbeam) Video games:

Speed Freak (see Vectorbeam) (flyer) - $995US used, or $1495US for NIB
Star Hawk right side, rear view - (1979) (Flyer) monitor problems at the moment. (last one!) $995US working, $695US As-is complete, boards working. I suspect the monitor simply has a blown couple of pre-driver transistors, The output transistors all check out OK (tested on a working monitor) but need to get the game into my shop to fix it. (26X27X70 inches)

Football Table

Bio-Rhythm III (1978) (NIB) (flyer) $695US

DECO (Data East Co.) - JAPAN
Astro Fighter (13" Japanese style cocktail)
BurgerTime serial number...
Tomahawk 777

Astrology used - $495US and NIB - $895US (flyer)
Bio-Rhythm (NIB) $695US


Cigarette machine - 70's styling - useful for vending art or other products in a 'funky' cabinet! $795US

ELECTRA Video Games:
Pace Car Pro - NIB! 4 player early video game using a TV as the monitor! - $795US

ELECTRO SPORT Video games:
Tomahawk Missile
Motor Race USA

EXIDY Video games:
Bandido (12/79)
Crush Roller (11/81) (+) (flyer) NIB (D.W. 230lbs - 24.5X27X66") and used... convert to MAME or 96-in-1 Multi-Pac. $995US singles, or $500US in ten+ lots.
FAX (1983) side view, nice cabinet!
Rip Cord (1978) The game is working, here are the left and right sides... $795US
Targ c/t (6/80) (rear of brochure) working $795US
TV Pinball (1975)

FISCHER Home Pinballs:
Skyhawk Home Pinball (NIB) - $795US (D.W. 150lbs - 26X48X22") Here is a typical playfield (Flyer) ***Special Priced eBay item***

GDI Video games:
Slither (8/82) - upright and NIB - $895US (new lower price!) (D.W. 200lbs - 39.5X29.5X30.5") or used - $495US cocktails (Flyer for Upright and Cocktail versions)
Thief (4/82) - NIB (D.W. 200lbs - 37X32X30") cocktail (flyer) $895US

GOTTLIEB Pinball: $995 to $1995US
Baseball (6/70)
Bronco (5/77)
Duotron (9/74)
King Pin
Roller Disco (2/80)
Spinout (7/75)
Spirit Of ‘76 (1/76)
Super Soccer (3/75)
Torch (2/80)

Fanky Malloon Japanese coin operated Helium balloon vending machine! $995US

Shuffleboard - 9 foot home models. over 80 of these! These are NIB from the 1970's Here we have one still New in the box, adding the legs, accessories included, and set up - $495US

INTERFLIP Pinballs: - From Madrid, SPAIN
Alaska head, body left, and right sides. Lower playfield, and upper. InterFlips only digital game...$1295US
Dragon (1977) (Flyer)(rear of brochure) Here are some pictures of a NIB DRAGON (Video - 6MB) that we just pulled out of it's boxes (separate head and body boxes). Walk around video. Pictures: Opening body box, pull out body, open head box, take out legs, etc., inside rear of head, inside of cabinet, more pictures to come! Video of the rubber ring condition(7MB) - after thirty years the rubber was still factory fresh! We have a NIB (D.W. 260lbs) machine that is going up on eBay, or used (and rebuilt) are also available...

Handicap - PONG conversion (flyer pg. 1) (flyer pg. 2) (flyer pg. 3) (flyer pg. 4) (flyer pg. 5)

US Marshall pistol

GREAT BRITAIN: Night Bomber Looks like a precursor to Sega's JET ROCKET - perhaps a prototype? Made in 1967 or earlier (that is the only date found in the game) in the UK (British flourescent lamp, power transformer, along with professionally made plastic and wood cabinet with gold skinny 'T' Molding, and Italian timer relay plus Japanese OMRON relays!) but with no manufacturers name! Operation is a small endless belt with targets that you try to hit via the 'scope... eBay soon!

Space Attackers

KASCO Arcade games: -JAPAN
Indy 500 (Flyer)(rear of flyer ) almost NIB! Still mounted on it's shipping pallet! These KASCO games were not boxed, rather they were wrapped in a plastic bag, and fitted into the container on their own skids. This driving game using a rear projection system with a glass spinning disc and photo-optic cars... Many folks (in the USA and Canada) are familiar with the licensed Chicago Coin version of this game. KASCO sold 1,000s of these games around the world and then Chi-Coin bought the license for North America. Own the original! - $895US (new lower price!)

Star-V (flyer) (rear of flyer) Cockpit space theme flying game - short video of game play only ONE slightly used one left @ $995US

The Driver (Flyer)(rear of flyer ) NIB! Cockpit style driving game using a 16MM film for realism Here is a video showing cars swerving around in front of you (Corvettes??) the white flashes are the camera being too sensitive to the projector bulb (cameras "see" infra-red) this is not visible to the human eye, and here is a more sedate driving video - red flashes mean the car is off the road. Licensed in the US to US Billiards, same game name! - $

KAYE (Irving) games:
Batting Practice (1968)

Horse & Cart
Space Capsule (inside controls)
Elephant (NIB) detail

MCI (Milwaukee Coin Industries Inc.) Arcade games:

Pachinko-likeComputer Baseball Slim style upright (dusty after 25 years of storage) arcade baseball game. Used - $?, NIB for $?
U-Boat (1972) NIB (Flyer) (& used SOLD). Here is a video of someone playing the game. What he sees... In this ElectroMechanical Submarine warfare game your object is to sink one of the ships (don't hit the hospital ship!) - if you MISS, then you must seek the correct depth to avoid the three depth charges lobbed at you! Then it's back to the surface for another attack run! only one left that is NIB $???US! See also Midway and Sammy for more submarine games!

MEADOWS Video game:
Warp Speed - Ok, the game is working and now we have pictures! Here is the screen, game play instructions, monitor and PCB, massive speaker, yoke guts, and a repeat of the video above(14mb). Extremely rare, not on KLOV for example! This is the only working machine in existance that I know of! On Ebay now!

MERIT video games:
Dodge City
Draw Poker

Pit Boss (Flyer)(rear of flyer)

MIDWAY Arcade games:
Golden ArmGolden Arm - Arm Wrestling game - now overhauled!...$1495US
Sea Raider (1969) (Flyer)(rear of flyer) Detail of game, and another picture of the front...In this ElectroMechanical Submarine warfare game your object is to hit the ship while it reverses course at random to avoid your shots. Hit the ship - Bang! Big flash and on you go to the next one. The game is working as-is for $???US or $????US restored (artwork touchup, etc.). See also Sammy and MCI for more Submarine games...
Whirly Bird - helicopter game as-is complete $???US, restored $????US(1969)
Fun Ball
Target Gallery

Shoot Away (1977) Skeet shotting, twin rifle game (broken projection screen - but it can be replaced.) (Flyer) Missing rifles, make an offer - we have the screen section and the computer section, can't find (buried or lost) the rifle section.

Burger Time (actually might not be Nihan Busan, have to double check this game)
Tomahawk 777

NOMA Video games: - JAPAN
Jack the Giant Killer - 19” - Cocktails NIB! (D.W. 130lbs - 39X27X27)
Jack The Giant Killer (used)
Sea Invasion (upright cabinet) - 13” NIB! (D.W. 120lbs - 36X24X27”)
Sea Invasion - 13” - cocktail NIB!
Tri-Pool - 19” - Cocktails NIB! (flyer) (rear of flyer) (D.W. 130lbs - 39X27X27)

NUTTING video games:
Computer Quiz (Flyer)(rear of flyer) (promotional flyer #1) (promotional flyer #2) NIB, detail, detail2 $???US
Ricochet NIB$995US and used $495US
Ricochet NIB Cocktail! $895US (new lower price) (Flyer)
Wimbledon (1974) (Flyer)(rear of brochure) Nuttings first colour pong like game. Used $495US and NIB $895US (new lower price)

PACIFIC NOVELTY video games:
Thief (12/81) (Flyer) cocktail and upright (D.W. 320lbs - 27X32X75"). One of the last games (and a VIDEO game at that) to use a tape for the sound effects. In this game they used a cassette tape instead of the earlier 8-track taped used in many of the 70's games. Available in both used $495US and NIB $895US
NATO Defense (8/82) Very rare game - check listing on NIB! - eBay (D.W. 320lbs - 27X32X75")

Bowl-A-Tron (flyer) Not video, this is a computerized LED style arcade sized bowling game (23X26X64") - $495US
Desert Patrol
INCA Boss (AZTEC? 1975)(cocktail table) (Flyer) $495US
One-On-One Basketball game! (1974) (Flyer) NIB $895US, used $495US
Wham Bam

PSE (Project Support Engineering) video games:
Bazooka (1976) (Flyer) (another flyer) $495US
Desert Patrol (1977) (Flyer) $495US
Maneater (1975) Fascinating white fiberglass cabinet - looks like the shark is coming out of the floor! $995US

RECEL Pinballs: - SPAIN
Icarus NIB! $2995US
Lady Luck (Flyer) These are typical NIB pictures of this game, lower playfield, upper playfield, cabinet artwork $1495 or NIB $2995US
Space Race These are typical as-is pictures of this game, lower playfield, upper playfield, cabinet artwork $1495US
Crazy Race
Mr. Evil
Poker Plus
Sea Scare - so far just the head (detail) has appeared...

SAMMY Arcade games: - JAPAN
PURSUITOR***(video-9mb) - Your WW1 bi-plane shooting up an Austin MINI! (video 4mb) This is a Black-Light game and cameras just don't do the image justice! It is MUCH brighter and clearer when viewed with the human eye... Pursuiter single and 2-player versions avilable - watch that Austin Mini bounce!! Electromechanical action! NIB - $995US
Sub Roc (Flyer) In this ElectroMechanicalSubmarine game the object is to sink one of the ships, however these ships can put on a burst of speed when you fire the torpedo to avoid your shot! Almost NIB $995US, restored up to $1495US (gearboxs need overhauling due to dried up grease!). See also MCI and Midway Submarine games...
Tank (Flyer) electromechanical action! Used only, $495US

SEEBURG Jukeboxes:
LPC 480 Jukebox
M100C - rough, parts only

SEGA Video games: - JAPAN
Speed Road Race (1976)
Tic-Tac-Quiz (1976) Cocktail table versions only (Flyer) (rear of flyer ) used $495US and NIB $995US

SEGA Arcade games:
Astro-Data (1972) (Flyer) (rear of flyer ) Prints out your horoscope, or your friend's, using the latest (1970s) technology. $795US
Drive Mobile (Flyer) Endless belt driving game, detail, detail2, classic 70's Japanese styling. $1495US
Love Tester (game is working) (Flyer) check out your power over the opposite sex! $995US
Mini-Fotbol - EM Soccer game, small 6" players slide up and down the playfield and kick the ball into the net. This game is virtually new, I see no signs of wear around the coin entry plate, and the controls look pristine, my guess is that this was pulled from its crate, set up, and then stuffed into the warehouse with the rest of the equipment... $1495US

Butterfly (12/77) - We have one NIB left! $1995OBO
Mars Trek (12/77) $1495US
Monaco (7/77) $1495US
Super Straight (4/77) $1495US
Prospector (1/77) $1495US

Cigarette machine 70's styling... dusty but complete. $495US

STERN Pinballs:
Hot Hand

TAITO Video games: - JAPAN
Speed Race Twin (A little buried at the moment!)
Western Gun Screen shot, and another (ya got me - ouch!)

TELETRONIC video games:
Alien Attackers (detail - a bit dusty)
Desert Patrol used and NIB, NIB1, NIB2

UMC-? jukebox

Video Five (1976) - Controls, "Seven Games In One!"

UNIVERSAL Video games: - JAPAN
Cosmic Avenger (8/81) $995US (only one left!)
Devil Zone used and NIB and detail $895US
Lady Bug (12/81) $795US
Lady Bug (12/81) c/t $795US
Space Panic (12/80) (flyer) (rear of flyer ) used - $495US, one upright game with the special side art - $695US and NIB - $995US
Zero Hour (12/80) $695US
Zero Hour (12/80) c/t - $695US

UBI (United Billiards Inc.):
Weedgie-Sportarama: Luigi the Pizzaman puppet, a variation on "Bimbo the Clown" game. Here is a video of the game running (35MB) hilarious!... $495US, Also a NIB one for $995US


TV Tennis (1973) (early PONG game)
Bimbo The Three Ring Clown (Flyer)
Electric Pro Soccer detail - Head (flyer) coin-operated Foosball with electric scoring! $995US
Pro-Soccer (flyer) Coin operated foosball, rods are telescoping so do not stick out other side. $795US
Jai-Lai foosball this is a two player game, fits up against a wall on one end. More pictures - #1, #2, #3, #4. $495US

VECTORBEAM (Cinematronics)Video games:
Space War (12/78) right side, rear view working fine! $995US (we only have one of these left!) (32X29X71 inches)
Speed Freak (4/79) (+) used(Moooooo) $995US and NIB! (Flyer) $1495US (26X27X70 inches)

Big Top - home pinball NIB! (D.W. 150lb - 26X45X25") (flyer) - $995US

WILLIAMS Video games:

Make Trax (12/81) (+) - 19” NIB - $1295US (D.W. 325lb - 29X30X72")
Make Trax (12/81) (+) - Cabaret/Mini, convert to MAME or 96-in-1 Multi-Pac. NIB! Detail - NIB - $1295US, $795US in ten+ lots (D.W. 200lb -26.5X22.5X63.5)
Make Trax (12/81) c/t
Road Champion (1977) (+) NIB - $495US and used! (Flyer)
Robotron (4/82) c/t NIB! (D.W. 155lb - 32X32X29")Now on eBay
Robotron (5/82) cabaret NIB! - (D.W. 190lb) Now on eBay
Stargate (11/81) $1295US (only one left!) now has a new control panel overlay, excellant condition!

WILLIAMS Arcade games:
Hyperball almost NIB for $1495US
Vanguard Deluxe - rifle game - $495US

WILLIAMS Pinballs: $995US to $5995US
Alien Poker (11/80)
Aztec (10/76)
Black Knight (11/80) - NIB $5995US (crated - 61 X 38 X 39 inches, 550 Pounds) Note that we just sold another NIB BK and here are the pictures from that one. Box, serial number, opening the box, the head is now visible, head pulled out, inside head, battery corrosion? Very tiny amount, Lets see if it works! Wow!, comes up with the battery error display (surprised?), OK, lets fiddle with the ADVANCE/AutoUp and we get (drum roll) Success! (4th player needs new tube - this is the first one we've had to replace on our NIB BKs). Oh, and we have a used BK for $1500US as-is complete, or $2500US restored.
Blackout Body & HeadBlackout Body lower, upper, Head good condition, $1495US
Darling (10/73)
Firepower (4/80)
Flash (3/79)
Fast Ball
Gorgar (2/80)
Gridiron (10/69)
Hit ‘n Run (baseball)
Hot Shot
Hot Tip (1/78) (Solid State)
Hot Tip (1/78) (EM)
Hyperball playfield - almost NIB!Hyperball (2/82), both used $795US and an almost perfect one $1495US- this is obivously NIB (note the plastic film on the metal rails, and the manual stapled to the top of the head) but without the box. Game body, another shot, and the head and the other side of the head. Video of the game play!
Jubilee (8/73)
Laser Ball (2/80)
Lucky Ace (11/74)
Pat Hand (7/75)
Pheonix (12/78)
Scorpion (8/80)
Sky Lab (5/74)
Solar Fire (9/81)
Space Mission (2/76)
Stellar Wars (9/79)
Super Star (8/72)
Swinger (10/72)
Time Warp (11/79)
Travel Time (2/73)
Tri-Zone (10/79)
Triple Action (9/74)
Triple Strike (9/75)
Winner (3/72)
World Cup ‘79 (5/78)



Computer Baseball
Monte Carlo pool tables
Premier Soccer - foosball
Crazy Climber

Historical Links:How video games all began....

Everything that is either NIB or currently working in the warehouse is repairable. It's just the level of skill required.
Video games and solid state pinballs are fairly easy in that the parts can be shipped off to get repaired - to someone like us for example.
Electromechanical games can be more troublesome to repair, but the problems are often easier to spot, plus you can often make a replacement part if it fails.
So it is like the difference between the backyard mechanic fixing old cars and a modern car shop where you need sophisticated tools to find the problem. The same with ElectroMechanical (EM) vs. Solid State (SS).
Even with solid state, though, you can fix things that go wrong depending on your skill level and soldering ability.
If you are mechanically inclined then an EM pinball or arcade game can be great fun, both the playing and the tinkering. Plus you would have the basics to fix common SS video or pinball problems. We do include manuals or schematics if at all possible with every game sold. Plus we provide phone/email tech support to folks that buy games from us.
There are a lot of people that do in-home repairs for arcade games, try looking under "Vending" or "Amusements" in your local Yellow Pages(tm) and ask if the companies know of or have someone that does 'House Calls'!


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