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Arcade Games for sale - electromechanical and early electronic


List updated April 15, 2024

We ship anywhere in the , ask for details and costs to your area!
Pinball games are typically $250US to ship to the , customs clearance is extra, from $150 to $260US. It costs starting around $300 Canadian to ship a pinball or video game to, say, Calgary... insurance, packing are extra

red Superchexx bubble hockey

Nice reconditioned red SUPER CHEXX bubble hockey, ready for the season!

CHEXX is 36 inches deep and with the rods fully extended it is 80 inches for the width, thus for playing the game you need an area of at least 3 feet X 8 feet and 9 or 10 feet would be better.

SOLD - local

Safari Rifle game

Chicago Coin SAFARI Gun game

As-is 1495US

Sportsman - left

Midway SPORTSMAN Gun game - right side photo

As-is 1495US

Stunt Pilot plane

Midway STUNT PILOT Flying EM game

As-is 1495USD

White Lightning pistol

Midway WHITE LIGHTNING Pistol game

3995US good working order!

  Midway WILD KINGDOM Gun game
    Williams DELUXE POLAR HUNT Gun game

Americoin JUNKYARD

And we tracked down another one! Click here for a video of the game in action... Pick up the cars whilst listening to the sounds of your crane (reproduction 8-track tape!) and the crushing of cars in the background - can you beat the timer and win a free game?

SOLD - I'm off to Europe for some work...

Computer Quiz 1948 ad for Telequiz

TELEQUIZ (1948).

One of the very first film (16MM) based Quiz machines.

History - the word Telequiz first shows up in under the name of The Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph Company in an ad in Telephony the American Telephone Journal dated 1940-01-07.

Click here for's list of publications containing "TELEQUIZ"

The actual TELEQUIZ machine was referred to in Cash Box Magazine in 1946 in several articles. There appears to be a story of intrigue and back-stabbing in the history where the first company to manufaturer the game went into receivership and then was bought out and opened under another name, and TELEQUIZ soldiered on and brought out the version we have here from 1948.

The machine we have is complete, and includes the original film.

Restoration should be a bit of fun!



SUPER CHEXX commercial grade arcade game. Red or Black base available. Taxes and shipping are extra

Deluxe Home version (no coin door - free play only) is around 6000CAD. Taxes and shipping are extra

CHEXX is 36 inches deep and with the rods fully extended it is 80 inches for the width, thus for playing the game you need an area of at least 3 feet X 8 feet and 9 or 10 feet would be better. Chexx is shipped in two boxes, the larger box is 54.5 x 37.5 x 21.75 inches and the base is in a box that is 36.5 x 36.5 x 34.75 inches.

In case you are curious about fitting in a car, here are photos of a CHEXX stuffed into a Subaru Forester!

Pachinkos including 300 engraved Pachinko balls, 495CAD each, including the two lights - Add More Balls or Win.

Shipping to US/Canada is about 75 -150 depending on where you are...note pictures are just examples, ask for pictures of the current ones we have for sale.

More info on Pachinko on my Pachinko page

Williams PEPPY THE CLOWN. Awaiting restoration, but in good condition, new replacement marquee glass now installed...2495USD

Allied Leisure MONTE CARLO New Old Stock driving game - these do not have the optional seat You Tube video...

995USD - only one left which has a small chip in the side from a puncture in the shipping packing during storage.

Compunetic - BIO-RHYTHM New Old Stock coin operated game! Still in the factory box!

We have replacement rolls (50US each) and parts for this game as well.

Photos: Printer section, and inside view. Operators (with Parts) Manual for download


Destron - ASTROLOGY New Old Stock coin operated game - walnut finish! It speaks...

Still in the factory box!

We have replacement rolls ($50US each) for this game as well.

Photos: Control panel and inside.




Wall Games by Computer Logic:

INTRIGUE series: Basketball - SOLD, this game is in very good condition - look almost new - and include a wireless remote control and cash box similar to the ones pictured.

We have spare parts for Electro-Dart wall games including NOS and rebuilt controls ($200 and up), cash boxes, crystals - both transmit and receive, NOS manuals, receivers, and we also service these machines - you can send us the main logic board - at our shop. Contact us for details.

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