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Video Games for Sale
Last edited December 16, 2020

We ship anywhere in the , ask for details and costs to your area! Video games are typically $250US to ship to the , customs clearance is extra, from $100 -$250US., boxing up - $100US. It costs about $250 Canadian to ship a pinball or video game to major centres...insurance is extra

Thanks to Ralph H. Baer - the inventor of the video game!
Story on finding (perhaps) the first Easter Egg - in Starship One by Atari
Foreign exchange RATES 


Prices are in USD ($US) unless otherwise noted


    MAXIMUM FORCE (1997) - Two player pistol shooting game.

    Pong machines in unrestored (before) condition:


    Example of restored PONG in our customer's collection in Japan:



    PONG - Atari's first classic machine. Currently we have 2 ORIGNAL (not remakes) PONG machines awaiting restoration.

    Restoration process:

    The game monitor is overhauled, new potentiometers installed if the old ones are bad, logic board is serviced if required, coin mechanism is checked out, cabinet cleaned up, control panel cleaned up (only replaced if badly gouged - original is better even if marked up a bit), and anything else that is needed.

    Final price to be determined, restoration costs may push it over our original estimate of 4995USD plus shipping and crating. Worldwide shipping available.


    Rush The Rock Alcatraz
    Rush The Rock Alcatraz

    RUSH THE ROCK - ALCATRAZ Edition(click for flyer)

    A great virtual road race game, set in Alcatraz or San Francisco.

    Rebuilt controls, large LCD screen upgrade, and solid state hard drive for reliability.

    You can join up to 8 of these together...

    SOLD - local


    TOOBIN (1988) Enjoy a leisurly romp down a river - oh, it's a race? And there are crocodiles and other sharp items where you and your buddy are just riding inner tubes? Uh-oh...


    (On film rental, due back mid-October)


    Stree Fighter Alpha

    STREET FIGHTER ALPHA (conversion).

    Large TV style screen (not LCD)with a great picture, new or rebuilt controls, plays well!


      SOLITAIRE CHALLENGE - 1994 - no extra charge for the dust! - 495USD
    Sky-Tack Sky-Tack SKY-TACK (Silver age game) - 1976 - needs restoration! (I could use a set of schematics for this game - anyone? Thanks!)


    MS PACMAN (cocktail) - we are going to restore this game using as many original parts as possible. Stay tuned!

    Asking price will be 1995USD if it turns out as well as I hope!






    We have made new bezels and instruction labels and we also have many New Old Stock parts for Computer Space games.

    No Computer Space games for sale at this time...


    Multiwilliams cabinet

    Multi-Williams in a converted JOUST cabinet. Play all the classic Williams games: Defender, Stargate, Robotron, Bubbles, Sinistar, and more!


(the fine print) Note: games are Uprights (U/R) or Cocktails (C/T) and working with a limited 90 day electronics warranty serviced in shop only, export machines have same warranty, but only on game board(s) and you mail them to us for service... obviously if you blow up the board it is not covered and our decision is final

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